Announcement:  Effective July 1st, Financial Compliance for Research will report to Sponsored Projects Accounting.  A combined webpage is being developed and will be published to our Controller's Office website soon.

What we do

The Financial Compliance for Research department is responsible for ensuring the University meets federal financial compliance requirements for sponsored programs by continually assessing the current compliance environment and implementing best practices.

  • Salaried Personnel Activity Report (SPAR) application records effort and cost sharing information that is the basis for effort reporting and salary distribution.
  • Employee Compensation Confirmation (ECC) is a database application drawing information from the University’s source systems (PRISM HR, Payroll, General Ledger and SPAR) to create effort statements and accommodate electronic certification of federal sponsored effort.
  • Monitor recognition of Mandatory Cost Sharing (MCS) based on statutory salary restrictions on sponsored awards funded by the agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
  • Evaluate requests for exceptions to the 90-day salary transfer rule
  • Review of clerical and administrative salaries charged to sponsored awards
  • Review of faculty having 100% effort allocated to sponsored awards

Develop and distribute/present training for effort reporting requirements and applications and new regulations as required.  Provide training and resource materials to new Department/Grant Administrators and Principal Investigators of federally sponsored awards.

  • Instructor-led workshops including mandatory training requirements for the SPAR and ECC applications and other effort/systems/compliance topics are described on our Workshop Registration web page
  • Self-paced reference materials on various subject matter are available on our SPAR and ECC web pages for staff and faculty