Announcement:  Effective July 1st, Financial Compliance for Research will report to Sponsored Projects Accounting.  A combined webpage is being developed and will be published to our Controller's Office website soon.

What We Do

Sponsored Projects Accounting is the central, post-award accounting department reporting to the Office of the Controller within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at the University of Pittsburgh. Sponsored Projects Accounting is responsible for central, post-award accounting, administration and management of externally sponsored projects at the University. Responsibilities include timely and accurate post-award accounting, financial reporting, invoicing, accounts receivable management and administration of sponsored project funds from account activation to account closing.  Sponsored Projects Accounting works closely with the University’s Office of Sponsored Programs, principal investigators, deans, directors, department chairs, department administrators, central administrative offices, internal and external auditors and external representatives of federal and non-federal sponsoring agencies. To ensure a proper segregation of duties, Sponsored Projects Accounting is independent of the Office of the Provost, Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor of Research and the Office of Sponsored Programs.


Sponsored Projects Accounting teams with Department Administrators and the Office of Sponsored Programs to conduct the following central, post-award accounting and administrative responsibilities:

  • Account Activation – establishing the sponsored project account in the University sponsored project financial accounting general ledger subsystem along with the related project budget and the appropriate award attributes in accordance with the notice of award, sponsoring agency regulations and requirements, and University policies and procedures
  • Account Maintenance – processing ongoing changes to the sponsored project account throughout the life cycle of the account such as new project year funding changes, budget modifications, new subaccounts, changes in PI, changes of address, change of department, no-cost extensions, journal entries, etc.
  • Account Monitoring – monitoring and clearing trailing costs and overdraft, out-of-balance, and unbilled sponsored project account conditions in a timely manner
  • Invoicing – preparing the majority of University sponsored project invoicing based upon the requirements of the notice of award in a timely and accurate manner
  • Cash Application – applying payments received from sponsoring agencies to University sponsored project accounts and related accounts receivable in a timely and accurate manner
  • Accounts Receivable – accounting, administration, management and reporting of sponsored project accounts receivable assuring that all sponsor financial commitments to the University are met in a reasonable period of time
  • Financial Reporting – preparing required financial reports for sponsors based upon project costs recorded by departments in a timely and accurate manner
  • Account Closing – ensuring that sponsored project accounts are financially balanced in the general ledger and all sponsor financial requirements are met including required University financial and other administrative reporting to finalize the sponsored project award and close the account
  • Audit Support – providing central accounting and administrative support on a majority of University sponsored project financial audits, financial site visits, agency financial desk reviews, certain financial questionnaires, Single Audit inquiries and other sponsor audit inquiries
  • Miscellaneous Sponsored Project Administration – providing sponsored project account financial support, administration, customer service, oversight, compliance and issue resolution in coordination with the Office of Sponsored Programs, Principal Investigators, department administrators, central administrative offices and sponsors

Staff Directory

Dave Laffey

Phone: (412) 624-6039

Post-award Accounting & Administration

Donna Kramer

Operations Manager
Phone: (412) 648-4267

Emily Skiba (SPA 02)

Phone: (412) 624-5722

Matthew Thomas (SPA 07)

Phone: (412) 624-6047

Edward Haldie (SPA 11)

Sr. Accountant
Phone: (412) 624-6044

Peng Tang (SPA 13)

Sr. Accountant
Phone: (412) 624-8075

Rushwana Khan (SPA 01)

Phone: (412) 624-5730

Joanne Eckert (SPA 03)

Phone: (412) 648-5925

Jenna Edney (SPA 04)

Phone: (412) 648-5982

Nora Body (SPA 05)

Phone: (412) 624-5726

Joe Heastings (SPA 08)

Phone: (412) 624-5719

Heather Anderson (SPA 09)

Phone: (412) 624-4447

Jennifer Edwards (SPA 06)

Sr. Accountant
Phone: (412) 624-5724

Jordan Francis (SPA 10)

Phone: (412) 624-6046

Emily Whaley (SPA 12)

Phone: (412) 624-5720

Krista Hehman

Analysis/Reporting Supervisor
Phone: (412) 624-5721

Cash Management
& Accounts Receivable

Paula Dern

Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Phone: (412) 624-6049

Lisa McClelland

Cash Accountant
Phone: (412) 624-6048

Audit Services

Julie Crites

Audit Liaison
Phone: (412) 624-2209

Technical Services

Kellie Sellers

Systems Manager
Phone: (412) 624-6045

Department Department Name RAA # Representative
01XXX Administration/General University
06 Jennifer Edwards
02XXX Business & Finance 02 Emily Skiba
06XXX Student Administration & Services 03 Joanne Eckert
07XXX Student Aid 01 Rushwana Khan
10XXX Office of the Provost 03 Joanne Eckert
11XXX School of Arts & Sciences

Office of the Dean

06 Jennifer Edwards
12XXX School of Arts & Sciences


03 Joanne Eckert
13203 Chemistry 03 Joanne Eckert
13204 Geology & Environmental Science 11 Edward Haldie
13205 Mathematics 12 Emily Whaley
13206 Physics & Astronomy 11 Edward Haldie
13207 Psychology 06 Jennifer Edwards
13208 Computer Science 07 Matthew Thomas
13210 Statistics 06 Jennifer Edwards
13225 Neuroscience 11 Edward Haldie
13226 Biological Sciences 03 Joanne Eckert
14XXX School of Arts & Sciences

Social Sciences

03 Joanne Eckert
15XXX College of General Studies 06 Jennifer Edwards
16202 Center for Philosophy
of Science
06 Jennifer Edwards
16203 Social & Urban 06 Jennifer Edwards
17XXX College of Arts &
06 Jennifer Edwards
19XXX Computing Services 08 Joe Heastings
20XXX University Honors College 09 Heather Anderson
21XXX Katz Graduate School
of Business
05 Nora Body
22XXX School of Education 01 Rushwana Khan
23200 Chemical & Petroleum


10 Jordan Francis
23201 Civil & Environmental


10 Jordan Francis
23202 Electrical and Computer


02 Emily Skiba
23203 Industrial Engineering 02 Emily Skiba
23204 Mechanical Engineering &


02 Emily Skiba
23301 Bioengineering 02 Emily Skiba
24XXX School of Law 06 Jennifer Edwards
25XXX Graduate School of
Public & International Affairs
01 Rushwana Khan
26XXX School of Social Work 03 Joanne Eckert
27XXX School of Information
03 Joanne Eckert
31XXX School of Dental Medicine 13 Peng Tang
32XXX School of Nursing 04 Jenna Edney
33XXX School of Pharmacy 08 Joe Heastings
34150 Public Health Dynamics Lab 03 Joanne Eckert
34201 Biostatistics 08 Joe Heastings
34202 Epidemiology 03 Joanne Eckert
34203 Health Policy & Management 03 Joanne Eckert
34204 Environmental &
Occupational Health
09 Heather Anderson
34205 Infcts Diseases/Microbiology 03 Joanne Eckert
34209 Behavioral and Community

Health Sciences

03 Joanne Eckert
34214 Human Genetics 08 Joe Heastings
34221 GSPH - Center for
Public Health
03 Joanne Eckert
35108 MD/PHD Program 12 Emily Whaley
35114 CREATES - Otolaryngology 08 Joe Heastings
35117 Aging Institute 08 Joe Heastings
35201 Neurobiology 12 Emily Whaley
35202 Center for Neuronal

Basis of Cognition (CNBC)

12 Emily Whaley
35203 Anesthesiology 04 Jenna Edney
35204 Medical Pharmacology 11 Edward Haldie
35206 Pathology 01 Rushwana Khan
35208 Surgery 11 Edward Haldie
35209 Pediatrics 13 Peng Tang
35210 Immunology 03 Joanne Eckert
35211 Family Medicine 11 Edward Haldie
35213 Ob/Gyn & Reproductive Sciences 12 Emily Whaley
35215 Orthopaedic Surgery 06 Jennifer Edwards
35216 Cell Biology & Physiology 11 Edward Haldie
35219 Neurology 01 Rushwana Khan
35220 Urology 11 Edward Haldie
35221 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 04 Jenna Edney
35222 Neurological Surgery 06 Jennifer Edwards
35227 Dermatology 01 Rushwana Khan
35228 Ophthalmology Research 05 Nora Body
35231 Structural Biology 11 Edward Haldie
35233 Microbiology & Molecular Genetics 06 Jennifer Edwards
35236 Dept of Emergency Medicine 10 Jordan Francis
35237 Otolaryngology Research 08 Joe Heastings
35239 Radiology 06 Jennifer Edwards
35242 Biomedical Informatics 07 Matthew Thomas
35248 Cardiovascular Institute 07 Matthew Thomas
35256 Drug Discovery Institute 06 Jennifer Edwards
35258 Computational Biology 13 Peng Tang
35259 Center for Vaccine Research 06 Jennifer Edwards
35269 Transplant Lab 11 Edward Haldie
35295 McGowan Institute for
Regenerative Medicine
09 Heather Anderson
35296 Critical Care Medicine 07 Matthew Thomas
35308 Systems Neuroscience Institute 12 Emily Whaley
35313 Hemostasis & Vascular Biology 12 Emily Whaley
35322 Developmental Biology 11 Edward Haldie
35323 Center for Ocular Regenerative

& Vision Restoration

05 Nora Body
35324 CFRC Operating Account 13 Peng Tang
35325 Orthopedic Surgery -
Center for Cell and Molecular Engineering
08 Joe Heastings
35345 University of Pittsburgh

Brain Institute

12 Emily Whaley
35370 Cardiothoracic Surgery 06 Jennifer Edwards
35380 Plastic Surgery Department 09 Heather Anderson
35404 to 35432 Pediatrics 13 Peng Tang
35445 to 35457 Dept of Medicine

(Last names A-M)

05 Nora Body
35445 to 35457 Dept of Medicine

(Last names N-Z)

08 Joe Heastings
35506 Pathology - CHP 06 Jennifer Edwards
35508 Surgery - CHP 11 Edward Haldie
35510 Immunology - New 03 Joanne Eckert
35512 Otolaryngology - CHP 08 Joe Heastings
35515 Orthopaedic Surgery - CHP 06 Jennifer Edwards
35522 Neurosurgery - CHP 06 Jennifer Edwards
35580 Plastic Surgery - CHP 09 Heather Anderson
35596 Critical Care Medicine - CHP 07 Matthew Thomas
36XXX Health Sciences Library System 03 Joanne Eckert
38XXX School of Health &

Rehabilitation Sciences

07 Matthew Thomas
39016 D.L.A.R. - Veterinary Services 11 Edward Haldie
39091 Center for Military Medicine Research 09 Heather Anderson
39092 Animal Imaging Core Support 11 Edward Haldie
39XXX SOMD 06 Jennifer Edwards
41XXX Johnstown Campus 01 Rushwana Khan
42XXX Greensburg Campus 01 Rushwana Khan
43XXX Titusville Campus 01 Rushwana Khan
44XXX Bradford Campus 01 Rushwana Khan
50XXX Learning Research & Development Center 04 Jenna Edney
51XXX University Center for International Studies 02 Emily Skiba
6XXXX University Library System 06 Jennifer Edwards
90555 Western Psychiatric Institute 09 Heather Anderson
91XXX University Press 05 Nora Body
93XXX Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

(Last names A-G)

04 Jenna Edney
93XXX Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

(Last names H-Z)

10 Jordan Francis