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Effective January 1, 2022, BFR has split into two units, BUDGET & PLANNING and FINANCIAL REPORTINGSeparate webpages are being developed for each of these units and will be published to our Controller's Office website soon.  Until then, all previous BFR content remains here, consolidated.  Thank you for your patience.

What we do

The Budget & Planning (B&P) and Financial Reporting (FR) departments are primarily responsible for:

  • Providing budget and financial support to responsibility centers via a dedicated liaison program (Responsibility Center Liaisons).
  • Preparing quarterly and annual financial statements for the University in accordance with GAAP for presentation to the Budget and Audit Committees of the Board of Trustees.
  • Analyzing actual results and providing quarterly projections to the Budget Committee and senior management.
  • Preparing the University's annual operating budget, and assisting in the development of and reporting on the annual and long-term capital budget plan.
  • Administering budget funding throughout the year related to revenue-sharing arrangements or other approved initiatives.
  • Preparing mandated external financial reporting related to the University including: The finance portion of the Integrated Post-secondary Education Data Survey (IPEDS), Commonwealth Financial Disclosure, and the Commonwealth Appropriation Request. 
  • Managing accounting and reporting functions for debt and property, plant, and equipment.
  • Preparing and maintaining required disclosures for leased property and equipment.
  • Preparing financial management reports for the CFO and others in senior management, including analyses such as cash flow, comparisons to budget, summaries of reserve balances, accounts receivable aging, tuition variances, and research activity.
  • Completing the monthly and annual general ledger closing processes, as well as system access and security maintenance.
  • Preparing financial surveys and questionnaires related to the University.

Staff Directories

Budget & Planning

Kathy Tosh

Associate Controller, Budget and Planning
Email: ktosh@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-5747

Marlena Coumos

Financial Analyst, Budget and Planning
Email: mhc38@pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-1104

Krista Denny

Manager, Budget and Planning
Email: kld137@pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 383-7491

Valerie Doyle

Director, Budget and Planning
Email: vdoyle@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-4094

Leah Melvin

Assistant Manager, Budget and Planning
Email: lmelvin@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-2569

Financial Reporting

Brenda Hussey

Assistant Controller, Financial Reporting
Email: bhussey@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-8091

Jeffrey Bowser

Manager, Financial Reporting
Email: jbowser@bc.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-8156

Brian Christopher

Assistant Manager, Financial Reporting
Email: bchristopher@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-7505

Jason Cicco

Director, Financial Reporting
Email: jcicco@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-9949

Courtney D'Amico

Financial Analyst, Financial Reporting
Email: cdamico@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 648-4326

Holly Erfort

Financial Analyst, Financial Reporting
Email:  hje4@pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-0628

Melissa Emling

Financial Analyst, Financial Reporting
Email: memling@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-6581

Eileen Froehlke

Manager, Lease Accounting and Reporting
Email: efroehlke@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-6078

Howard Goodman

Financial Analyst, Financial Reporting
Email: hgoodman@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-8956

Julie Manko *

Manager, Capital Accounting
Email: jmanko@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-5456

Sherri Tozzi *

Financial Administrator, Budget & Planning / Financial Reporting
Email: stozzi@cfo.pitt.edu
Phone:  (412) 624-6072

* Shared Resource with Budget & Planning.

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